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Everyone loves their smartphones and many spend hundreds per year on covers from mall kiosks.  While those covers are very attractive and nice, they are not practical.  Most are difficult to get off of your phone and others are cheaply made in a foreign country.  Due to the fact that they are cheap, the color or design wears off and the design peels. 

It is very important, for some, to make their smartphone reflect who they are.  You can definitely express yourself through the design on your phone, but where do you get a design that is worth the price?  That is where Coveroo comes in!  Coveroo is a great company that customizes your smartphone or iPad with something that will express who you are.  Coveroo already has over 5,000 designs that you can choose from, but you can also use your own graphics or photos!  Definitely take personalization to another level with Coveroo's great service!

Coveroo: What makes it different?

Coveroo has such a unique product because it is not a cover and it is not a sticker or "skin".  They use laser engraving technology to create the beautiful designs, so the designs are very brilliant and definitely pop.  The best part about their laser technology is the design will not rub or peel off! 

The process differs slightly between iPhone and other brands.  Blackberries and Droids (for example) have a removable battery cover.  Coveroo will design right onto the battery cover so that you are able to just slide it right onto your phone.  With iPhone, Coveroo will print your design on a high quality faceplate that you can snap right onto your phone.  The best part about Coveroo is that you do not have to try to pry the cover off when you want to remove it! 

Coveroo vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Coveroo) as well as mall kiosks definitely are competitors of Coveroo.  Even so, they do not measure up at all! Coveroo is unique in their business plan as well as the process to make the designs for the phone.  UniqueSkins is more of a sticker/skin company that designs the stickers that you stratigically place over your phone.  While they also personalize the skins and their color and design will not fade, the skins/stickers lose their adhesive after a while.  They do claim to be removable and reusable, but if it loses it's adhesive it will not stick. 

Mall Kiosks are another competitor because they offer a variety of cases, faceplates, skins and stickers.  Some mall kiosks do offer customization as well, but they are not well-made and do fade and rub off easily.  As popular as these kiosks are, people are realizing the cases are not worth what they are paying and they are looking for new places to customize their phones.  This is why Coveroo is here! 

Coveroo: Pricing & packages

Surprisingly, Coveroo prices are extremely reasonable!  Their prices range from $24-$34 with the customization!  The prices are great compared to the competitors that charge $15-$20 per case or even more like $30-$50 for a cheap customization of a cover or faceplate!  Coveroo makes their covers with care and attention to detail.  They do not carelessly and quickly throw together a "customized cover" because they can.  They want to ensure customersatisfaction!

While customizes their skins/stickers for $6.99, you get what you pay for.  As stated previously, the stickers do lose their adhesive and will stop sticking eventually.  Your phone deserves more beauty than a sticker that you place stratigically on your phone. 

Coveroo: Product images & screenshots
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Coveroo: Customer reviews & comments

Customers absolutely love Coveroo for many reasons.  They carry many great designs including officially licensed graphics.  These licensed graphics include TV shows, Games, MLB, NFL, NBA and so on.  They really offer a wide array of products or you can create your own.  This is the exact reason why customers absolutely love this product. 

There are many positive things being said about the durability of Coveroo's product.  The product is very much worth the small investment and will definitely last you for the life of your phone.  The color would still be brilliant a few years down the road and the design will stay clear.

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