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Technology products are high end items that require a lot of thought and a small investment.  Especially in this economy, consumers do not have the money to replace a high end item if theirs gets damaged.  Sure, a lot of companies offer insurance on their products, but only to an extent.  There are a lot of damages that the insurance does not cover and when that happens; you are out your money.  This is why it is extremely important to safeguard your high end electronic devices. 

Most people think that their is nothing out there to protect their cell phones, e-readers, laptops and so on, but they are mistaken.  Otterbox is the leader in protecting your electronic device with military grade materials that will protect your device for as long as you own it.  The protection that Otterbox delivers is unparallelled with any other product.  The best part is, Otterbox cases offer the protection without sacrificing any functionality of the phone.  This product offers complete use of the phone's touch screen/screen while still allowing use of all of the phone's buttons.

The Otterbox also comes in 4 different varities which vary in their protection.  The "Defender" is the highest quality and highest level of protection, encasing the entire phone in the protective shell and covering.  The next step down would be the "Reflex" which also delivers high quality protection while catering to a younger generation who love to dock their iPhone products.  The bottom simply slides off this series to allow for docking with popular devices. Next, is the "Commuter" which is similar to the Defender, but is smaller in size and thickness.  It's more sleek to fit with your device and fit easily into a pocket.  "Impact" is next and that is simply just a high quality, impact resistant silicone covering.  It still offers exceptional protection since it is made with the high quality silicone.

OtterBox: What makes it different?

There are so many factors and features that put the Otterbox in a league of it's own.  The most important feature that differentiates the Otterbox from it's competitors is it's protective design.  This design is a revolutionary three layer design that offers the maximum amount of protection to your investment. 

  • Layer One - A thermal, clear membrane that prevents dust and scratches from harming the keyboard or screen.
  • Layer Two - High Impact Poycarbonate shell
  • Layer Three - Silicone skin that is shock absorbant

While most cases are made of plastic, thin silicone or non-flexible rubber, the Otterbox is not.  This product is protected by it's three layer design that is the only case of it's kind designed like that.  This case also has complete protection to the phone's most vital parts.  The charging port, headphone jack and (on the iPhone) the vibrate switch.  These areas are magnets to dust, dirt and lint and can easily be ruined if any of the above or water gets into those areas.  This is why it is very important to have them protected.  The Otterbox offers covers for those areas that just peel back for easy access when needed! 

Other cases offer unwanted bulk and difficulty in removing the case for charging or synching with the users computer.  While Otterbox cases are very simple to remove, you do not need to remove them for charging or synching. The charger fits seamlessly into the phone and has no interference from the Otterbox at all.  This is something that is very unique to this product.  As stated earlier, for docking, Otterbox has it's own "Reflex" series which allows simple removal of the bottom half to dock.  The top half of the phone is still fully protected!

OtterBox vs. primary competitors (sites similar to OtterBox)

The two products that claim to offer the Otterbox a run for it's money would be the Gumdrop and Pelican cases.  These cases mention Otterbox on their site as a main competitor, when we all know that the Otterbox is in a class of it's own!  The Gumdrop and Pelican both offer rubber cases that do protect phones, but not to the extent that the Otterbox does.  The rubber on both competitors is thick and rigid, like a tire.  They have unattractive grooves that they claim helps with the grip on the phone.  Otterbox also maximizes grip, but with their subtle crosshatch and other decorative designs.  They improve grip with clean lines and indentations that are pleasant to the eyes. 

Pelican also states that you cannot leave the item in extreme temperatures.  This is because of the plastic it contains.  Leaving the product in the car can overheat the plastic and therefore, overheat your phone. (And cause possible damage as well.)  Otterbox definitely keeps the phone at the ideal temperature with it's multi layer design and high quality silicone.  The case is all around an amazing product for your phone or electronic device.

OtterBox: Pricing & packages

As compared to it's competitors, the price is around the same range.  However, the protection you get from the Otterbox cannot be compared to the slightly lesser priced competitors.  Otterbox has priced it's number one series, Defender, at $49.95.  This is a small investment compared to the investment of your electronic device and the cost it would take to replace the device if damage occurred.  Their Reflex series is priced at $45.95, the Commuter is priced at $39.95 and the Impact is priced at $19.95.  Of course, prices do vary from retailer to retailer and there are ways to get great deals on the Otterbox products as well!

OtterBox: Product images & screenshots
OtterBox Coupons
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OtterBox: Customer reviews & comments

This is the only case that receives 100% positive reviews on the internet.  Customers everywhere are raving about the Otterbox and the protection that it provides.  This product is definitely a standalone product and nothing can compare to the protection, even if others claim to.  Customers are vowing to stay loyal to this company, since it offers outstanding protection for their devices.  Every review on the internet, for the Otterbox, is positive and encouraging to potential customers.  It is easy to fall in love with such a high quality product.

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Teresa Conti — 67 months ago
5.0 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
“Great Cases”

My household consists of two rambunctious teens and one husband who tends to drop things on occassion.  The members of this household tend to have their electronic devices stepped on, have couches land on top of them, toss them at walls when things are not going well, spill sodas on them and other unusual happenings including going through the washing machine.  Through all of this, our Otterboxes have performed like champs and protected our cell phones from numerous mishaps.  T... read more

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