Speck vs Incipio vs Incase: Phone Cases Reviewed
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Speck vs Incipio vs Incase: Phone Cases Reviewed

Incase has the easiest to grip phone among the group with their Snap Case line. Speck has some of the best drop-protection since it uses military standards. Incipio has specialized features such as their battery-case line which can fully charge an iPhone. Speck is also a good choice if you go through cases fast due to their lifetime guarantee.
Covered in this report
Speck — Best Features
Military-grade testing for drop protection.
Lifetime warranty for certain cases.
Best for: Input holes allow easy access to ports.
Best deal: Up to 40% Off Speck Products From Amazon - [activate coupon]
Incipio — Best Features
Offgrid battery case can fully charge iPhone.
Free USPS shipping with no minimum required.
Best for: Those looking for sophisticated battery cases.
Incase — Best Features
Pages and pages of color and style options for covers.
Textured grip for snap cases means the phone won’t slip out of your grasp.
Best for: Users of iPhone that prefer snap cases above other options.
Best deal: Save Up to 40% on Incase Products from Amazon - [activate coupon]

Considering how expensive and high-tech smartphones are getting in the modern environment, it’s often worth checking to see if you’d benefit from a case. Here are some of the more highly regarded cases now available on the market.



Speck specializes in iPhone cases as well as cases for iPad, tablets, and other computing devices. They tend to offer a combination of trying to give you a good aesthetic and making sure your dropped iPhone isn’t destroyed.


  • Military-Grade Droptesting-The CandyShell line from Speck is especially well-tested when it comes to making sure that case won’t shatter on impact. It’s reported that they use the same testing that the military uses. This test is good for up to 10 feet.
  • Warranty for Lifetime of Case-Speck certifies that the case will survive for the lifetime of the device as long as you stick to “normal use.” This is only for certain cases, however, including the Presidio and the MightyShell. Other cases get 1-year warranties.
  • Shipping Deals-These come and go, but you can often select free 2-day shipping during checkout, depending on the current promotion available. You also often get free returns as well, though this is product-specific. You get this for the Presidio iPhone 7 case, for example.
  • 30-day Returns-You can return whatever you ordered for 30 days without having to provide a reason. It doesn’t matter if you just ordered the wrong thing or changed your mind, it should work if you do it within the window.
  • Wide Color Range-Many cases allow you a choice of colors that you can take a look at in the shopping section for instant previews. Colors include Ash Grey, Mineral Teal, Sunset Peach, Warning Orange, Syrah Purple and others.



Incipio is known for producing all manner of cases as well including laptop cases. Their iPhone cases tend to be high-end, with extra features like battery cases, for example.


  • Battery Case-The Offgrid Express from Incipio is capable of fully charging an iPhone 6S from virtually no battery a single time. Reviewers say that this is often a better charge than what you get from a case that costs significantly more.
  • No Minimum for Shipping-You can get your items shipped to you for free without having to worry about spending a certain minimum amount on them first.
  • Easy Installs-Many cases, such as theNGP for iPhone 6, is known for being easy to install, unlike plenty of other cases, especially those of the “second skin” variety.
  • Large Variety of Case Selection-Incipio offers many options for cases and they really aren’t limited to just one or two like other sites. For example, they have their Sports Case called the Reprieve. There’s also the Octane, the DualPro, and the Feather. You’ll find the Haven, the NGP, the Edge, Blue Willow and dozens more on their site, some with special extras like dockable credit card storage.



The Incase site sells a full range of bags and cases, largely for Apple products, but also for products like GoPro.


  • Dozens of Case and Style Options-You can scroll down the page for the Incase options to see all manner of options for cases including the Snap styles, the Protective Covers, the Icon Case options, Pro Slider, Dual Snap, and many others.
  • Grip Cases-Cases from Incase with this type have special material that makes the whole thing easier to hold onto. This is actually a bit of a unique feature because many other cases are completely smooth and can sometimes slide in the hand. The "Smart Systm" case also has this advantage for iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Eco-friendly Options-Some features for the Textured Snape cases include something called an Ecoya finish, which uses more eco-friendly materials. The inside of the case features micro-suede.

Head to Head


Apparently, the Speck CandyShell line has had military-grade testing for drop protection, so it’s known for being reasonably durable. It’s also relatively easy to get access to the inputs through the holes created for the purpose in the Phone 6 and 6S versions of the case. Feature complaints include that the iPhone 6S ends up particularly bulky with the case on, so this could be a non-starter if that’s your thing. Apparently, there’s also a friction problem due to the back side of the case being overly smooth and prone to slipping.

Incipio has the free USPS shipping with no minimum order required. This appears to be all year round, as opposed to the Speck version which looks more like a promotion. Incipio also has the battery case for iPhone that’s fairly famous and gets prominent reviews from Cnet and Amazon. If you want unique features, you can go for the Stashback which has space for credit cards and it’s also a dockable iPhone 7 case. There are multiple cases that have this feature.

Incase is known for having a good selection when it comes to case variety and style. They have their grip cases, and materials including both plastic and metal. One issue with the grip cases is that, while they stay together when you want them to for the most, part, reviewers say that you have to hold the case properly to keep it from falling apart while you’re trying to open it. Apparently, it’s important to hold the case fast while separating it or it could fly apart prematurely and your phone could end up on the floor.

Overall, the CandyShell from Speck has plenty to offer in terms of features if durability is one of your largest concerns, considering the fact that there’s military-level testing on that case. Both Speck and Incipio has seen complaints about difficulty with gripping cases due to smoothness, however. The Textured Snap from Incase is specifically designed for getting a good grip, in contrast to the other two. Another feature difference between Incase Textured Snap and the others is that you get more eco-friendly options such as the Ecoya finish. This consists of eco-dyed polyurethane. It also features a 300d heathered weave. When it comes to returns, both Incase and Speck have the 30-day return policy. Incase doesn’t do exchanges, however. You just get a refund for money, so if you want to make another purchase, you would need to do that separately. Speck appears to have more flexibility when it comes to this type of concern.


Speck pricing varies based on particular product with the Speck CandyShell line going for about $35 for iPhone 6 and 6S at the low end. Pricing goes all the way up to $50 or so for the larger shells with the iPhone CandyShell 6S Plus case going for around $40. There’s no doubt that there are cheaper cases out there if that’s a big concern of yours. It’s worth noting that you can find these cases for much cheaper than their original price due to time going by and older versions being phased out. The Presidio line from Speck goes for $40 for iPhone 7 normally, with sales bringing it down sometimes as low as $28 or so.

The Incipio DualPro case goes for $13, making it considerably cheaper than what Candyshell from Speck, for example. This is the sales price you’ll often find. The list price is $30, which is more comparable. The Incipio Offgrid Express has a standard price of $74 for iPhone 6, but you can often find it for closer to $24. New options for Incipio include the Reprieve iPhone 7 case, which is a sports case that goes for $40 normally, and $28 during frequent sales. The site also sells screen protectors for iPhone 7 that go for $10.49, though these are clearly more like second skin options and aren’t really full cases.

Incase features textured snap cases for iPhone 7 that go for $40. You can also go with “protect over cover” options for iPhone 7 that go for less, more like $25. There are frequent sales on the site that put that price down. The key is to keep an eye open for them. It’s also worth noting that you have a warranty on Incase for at least 90 days, depending on the specific product, so you  definitely should end up with  more use out of the pricing that way.

Overall, the three companies have highly comparable prices, with all of their price tags ranging from $25 up to $40 or more. It all largely just depends on exactly what case you choose, and when you buy it since the sales definitely come and go throughout the year. Some of the cheapest appear to come from Incipio with the DualCase that goes for $13, but again, this is only the case during sales. If you also include protective shells that are not fully cases, the Incase company offers options more on the same level as those from Incipio. You have to just choose whether you need a full inclusive case that fully protects the phone or not. There are many options out there other than a full case with shock-absorbent materials if the $30 or $40 these cost ends up being more than you will want to spend in general.


Speck’s Candyshell Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S gets strong reviews from Best Buy with 4.6 out of 5, with more than 1500 reviews from customers. It also gets strong reviews from the iLounge site at 4 out of 5. The CandyShell clear gets an “A-“ from the site with the CandyShell Inked getting a B+. TechnoGOG gives it highest ratings for everything except for value and price where it gets 9 out of 10 instead. Reviews indicate that the case is known for being durable and for having inputs that are easy to put in. Other cases often have their input holes short on space so they are hard to access. The main downsides outlined in the reviews are that the case is considered a bit expensive for what you get, and it can be cumbersome to use the whole phone with the case on.

The Incipio Offgrid Express gets positive reviews from Cnet. It can fully charge the iPhone for less money than many other chargers. Cnet gives Incipio case four out of 5 stars. The negatives here include that the case can be a bit ugly with seams that aren’t very well placed. Amazon rates the Incipio Offgrid Express case at 4.5 stars out of 5 with more than 2000 customer reviews logged. It appears to be quite popular. The reviews say that you get good protection without adding too much extra mass to the phone. This would be a step up from some of the cases from Speck, that specifically complain about bulk. Criticisms include that the rubber coating tends to peel off. This appears to be the case only for some of the users, however, with an unknown amount of wear. Other options within Incipio, such as the NGP, get reviews that are less favorable, including under 4 out of 5 from Mobile Reviews. The complaints were that it’s hard to grip and that color tends to bleach out of it. There’s also complaints related to how much protection this particular option even provides.

The Incase reviews are largely positive with some excpetions. The Ilounge review for the Incase Slider for iPhone 5 got review many would consider poor, though the site itself said that it was a “C+” for “Average.” Considering the company it’s in and the sheer amount of completion involved, average is rather poor, however. The Systm Case for iPhone 6 receivers positive reviews generally as well. It’s also known for its grip.

Overall, an interesting difference between the reviews for Incase as opposed to the reviews for Offgrid from Incipio or many of the cases from Speck, is that the textured exterior is known explicitly as being good for grip. Apparently, grip is a considerable issue for cases from the other two companies. This means that if you really want to make sure that you can keep a hold on your cases because you tend to constantly drop them at inopportune moments, the Incase Textured Snap cases may be a good solution for you.


Additional Information
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Incase Coupon: Save Up to 40% on Incase Products from Amazon - Activate
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