Xiaozhi.com Website Review & Ratings + Xiao Zhi Coupons
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Xiaozhi.com Website Review & Ratings + Xiao Zhi Coupons

Xiao Zhi is a company based in China that makes leather cases for a number of hand-held electronic devices. These include

The leather cases come in several styles. These include a simple leather cover, a style with a set of internal pockets, a style that includes a page for notebooks or a pad of paper, and cases that stand-up as a base for an electronic devices. The leather comes in varying colors; the most common is light brown. Other options include black, red and a light brown. A few cases come in pink.  All cases appear to have detailed finishing and look like they would stand up to heavy use.  All the cases will protect your electronic equipment from damage.

These long lasting cases will keep your electronics protected from the environment. Hand crafted, these cases stand out from cases that are manufactured by machine. Xiao Zhi can also manufacture a case to fit your own special criteria.

 The company accepts PayPal or major credit cards. The company uses DHL shipping which adds about $20.00 to the cost of the item; the shipping declines in cost if you order more than one item.  The c ompany motto is Gadgets Leather Fashion.

Xiao Zhi: What makes it different?

The Xiao Zhi company offers its customers some unique services. These include:

  • a selection of different types of portfolios for each item
  • offers both light and dark colored leathers
  • hand-make product that includes hand stitching
  • ships internationally anywhere that DHL delivers
  • still makes cases for discontinued electronic devices
  • has a seven day return policy on cases
  • will make a original case for clients
  • offers a case that includes several Apple products
  • offers cases with carrying strap or handle options
Xiao Zhi vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Xiao Zhi)

www.zenuscaseusa.com - This is a company that makes both leather and faux leather cases for Apple products.  Their cases come in basic leather colors of browns, whites, blacks and reds.  Other cases made of different materials come in prints, stripes and multicolor cases.  Ships orders through Amazon.  Some cases include crocodile skins.

http://shop.portenzo.com/ - This company makes leather casings for electronic equipment.  Cases are covered in leather with a maple wood frame for additional support.  Cases close by using magnets that do not interfere with the equipment.  They stay closed when falling of a surface.  Shipping time can be long - over four weeks - due to hand made items.  Some cases come in exotic leathers including ostrich, lamb, sting ray, shark, etc. when available.

Xiao Zhi: Pricing & packages

Here are some comparison prices between Xiao Zhi and several of their competitors:

iPad2 Portfolio case (leather): 

  • Xiao Zhu:  $79
  • Zenuscaseusa:  $99
  • Shop.Portenzo.com: $69

iPad1 Case (leather):

  • Xiao Zhu:  $79
  • Zenuscaseusa: $89
  • Shop.Portenzo.com: 60.00

Special ipad case:

  • Xiao Zhu: $75
  • Zenuscaseusa: $149
  • Shop.Portenzo.com  $90

Over all, the cases by Xiao Zhu are very competitive price wise and seem to offer more with each case.  Which case is most useful depends on your needs.  If you need your electronics for a business and pull them out a lot, Xiao Zhu looks like the way to go.

Xiao Zhi: Product images & screenshots
Xiao Zhi Coupons
Xiao Zhi: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some customer comments on Xiao Zhu:

From resellerratings:

rating 5 5/5
modified review posted Sep-24-2011
From etsy:

"Thank you ! I've got my order and its perfect just I expected to be."

Perfect fit and good quality :) Also, fast delivery!

Jan 19, 2011

nicely made item that works well and looks good, good communication and quick shipping

Jan 10, 2011
Best Available Xiao Zhi Coupon:
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